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Welcome to the tumblr hub for The Skaia Ball of 2014. This year we present to you our formal cosplay ball with a theme of classic art deco Hollywood. Join us on June 29th, 2014 at 2:00pm for food, music, and fun, as we celebrate a webcomic that has brought together some of the most creative and passionate minds of our Internet generation:


Please be sure to visit our website under the "Navigation" tab above for more information about how you can purchase tickets, what the dress code is, where the ball will be held, and more!

From the staff to all of you: thank you SO MUCH for coming to The Skaia Ball! We hope you had a magical night, and that you won’t soon forget it.

Here’s to 2014!


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    and apparently making fish faces is part of twerking..or at least a few of us think so XD
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    Thanks everyone for a super fun day! Thank you also for dealing with my obscene dancing. You guys are great
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    Thank you to the entire staff and all the volunteers. I managed to be useful for a little bit of the setup and planning,...
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    Yo, people on my personal blog that want to blacklist: everything relating to the big formal Homestuck event I planned...
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